Photogene² for iPhone “Go-PRO” upgrade

This upgrade, which is available through an in-app purchase, offers a set of tools, tailored for the needs of pro photographers.

In future updates of Photogene, additional pro features will be added from time to time exclusively to the “Go-PRO” upgrade and will be available to the PRO users for no extra charge!

To purchase this upgrade – tap the info button inside Photogene² (located at the top right corner of the upper toolbar), then tap the banner on the top right corner of the information screen:





What’s included in the PRO upgrade?

  • Star Ratings: easily apply star ratings to photos and filter by rating.
  • Watermarking: add your personal watermark or company logo to any exported photo automatically.
  • FTP History: used FTP servers configuration is automatically saved upon export.
  • RGB curves: control each color channel of the curves separately.
  • JPEG quality: control the compression level of exported photos.
  • White-Balance color picker: select neutral target area for auto white-balance.
  • Custom localized effect: use a custom masking overlay in which you can specify exactly which color adjustments are applied.
  • IPTC Sets: define your own IPTC sets and apply them instantly on any photo.
  • IPTC batch paste: copy and paste IPTC data on multiple photos.


How to use?

Star Ratings

When in the photo browser, drag your finger over any photo from left to right to add a rating. Drag from right to left to lower or remove the rating.

To filter photos by rating, tap the “Filter” button at the right corner of the photo-browser bottom toolbar, and select the number of stars to filter by.




On the export menu you will see the new entry called “Watermark”. If you wish that your watermark will be automatically added to each photo you export, make sure that the switch in the watermark entry is set to ON.

Tap on the watermark entry to configure its settings (inside you will find the options for selecting the watermark image and setting its opacity and position).


FTP History

FTP servers history is saved automatically after an export is performed. Inside the FTP entry of the export menu you will notice the new “History” entry, tap on it and select any of the previously used servers – the details of the selected server will be auto-filled into the FTP table parameters.



RGB Curves

When using the curves control you will now notice additional buttons at the bottom of the curve frame, allowing you to select which color channel will be affected by the curve. The new reset button at the bottom right of the curve frame will reset the currently active channel.




JPEG Quality

The JPEG quality slider is found in the export menu inside the “Max Resolution” entry. Set a higher value to produce higher quality of output (lowers the amount of JPEG compression), higher quality will however generate bigger files.




White-Balance color picker

In the adjustments mode, you will find the color picker button inside the “Whitebalance” page. Tap the “Select” button and the color selection state will be activated. Now long tap the photo and move your finger to select a neutral target area, lift your finger to use the currently selected color and the white-blance settings will be calculated automatically.




Custom Localized Effect

In the retouches mode, you will see the “Custom” button. Once selected – use the sliders to create a custom adjustment for your overlay. You can access the sliders and change your adjustments for this layer at any time.





You can access the sets manager in the IPTC section of the metadata viewer. Tap the “+” button to add a new set, tap on a set to edit it’s fields or delete it, tap the “use set” button to apply this set to your photo.




IPTC batch paste

To apply the same IPTC data to multiple photos: open the metadata viewer for the photo that holds the IPTC information that you want to copy to other photos. Go to the IPTC tab and scroll all the way down, then tap the “Copy IPTC” button. To paste the IPTC on multiple photos – when browsing the photos in Photogene’s the photos-browser, tap the “Select” button (on the bottom toolbar) and start selecting your photos. You will notice the “Paste” button located in the left corner of the top toolbar – tap it to apply the IPTC that was previously copied to all of the currently selected photos.