The best photo editing app is returning to the iPhone…


We are proud to present the all new Photogene² for iPhone – a full featured photo editor with a seriously cool interface…

Whether you are a professional photographer or an absolute beginner, Photogene² will help you to bring the most out of your photos right on your iPhone. With Photogene² around you are guaranteed to keep more photos than before.














Already own the original Photogene for iPhone?

Photogene² is a brand new app and not a free update of the original version.

We value the owners of the previous version. If you have the original Photogene app installed on your device – you will get a gift: choose one of our in-app purchases and get it for free.

* When launching Photogene² you should see a pop-up screen with a choice of gifts. If this screen doesn’t show up automatically – please contact us and do not attempt to buy the in-app purchase as you will be charged for it.


Go-PRO (in-app purchase)

The “Go-PRO” upgrade is a growing set of professional features for more advanced users. This upgrade is available through an in-app purchase, for more information click here.

Note: All of the features listed in this page and the features which are shown on the demo video are part of the regular version. Upgrade if you need the extra features.


Additional in-app purchases

Photogene² includes 2 additional in-app purchases that enhance the built-in frames and collage templates. For more information click here.






Full featured photo editor

Photogene² includes some of the most powerful editing tools to be found on a mobile device – yet they are very easy to use. No gimmicks – they will actually make your photos look better. With Photogene² you can quickly improve any photo.

Here are some of the tools included:

• Crop and straighten.

• Sharpen and noise reduction.

• Full set of color adjustments (including levels and curves). Correct underexposed photos and add a spark to washed-out ones.

• Red-eyes correction.

• Retouches such as dodge & burn and a healing tool (remove unwanted blemishes or spots).

• Wide selection of presets that instantly give your photo a new look.

• Multiple undo and redo.

• Compare edited photo vs the original at any time.

You can also use Photogene² to unleash your creative side and transform a photo into a work of art:

• Add special effects such as center focus or vignette.

• Localized effects: apply filters or color adjustments by “painting” them on specific areas of a photo. The tools include blur, grayscale and various effects and filters.

• Add text boxes or bubbles of different styles, colors and fonts.

• Apply artistic filters such as sepia or charcoal.

• Add frames in various shapes and colors, including reflection, shadows and glows.



Collage Maker

Photogene² includes an intergral collage maker. Combine several of your edited photos into one piece of art, using a variety of templates.

• Supports collages of 2-6 photos.

• Personalize your collage by picking outline color, width, shadows and layout.

• Aspect ratio is customizable.

• Add text boxes or bubbles.




Photo Browser

Our unique photo browser works directly on your iPhone’s photo library and albums. No need to import your photos.

• Change thumbnail viewing size.

• Add captions to your photos.

• Select and export multiple photos.

* to use the photo browser you must have location services permission enabled for Photogene².








Upload and Share your photos

Photogene² support a variety of export destinations. You can resize the exported photos to save in storage or upload time. Photogene² can export photos at high-res and fully supports the 8MP native resolution of the iPhone 4S.





Metadata Viewer

Provides Visual display of all the information stored in your photos.

• View the location of the photo on a map.

• View all the basic information (date&time, file size, camera model and more) in one neat layout.

• View and edit IPTC metadata.

• View complete EXIF metadata.











Use our built-in camera module to snap great photos.

• Tap to focus.

• Pinch to zoom.

• Use the stabalizer to avoid blurry photos.

• Apply filters and effects in real time.

• Special “torch” flash mode allows you to preview how the photo will look like with flash applied.